terra dallo spazio con due linee a mano che la cullano

The packaging is a very important factor for any well-informed consumer. We often ask ourselves what world we live in and what is the direction we need to follow to live well and make future generations live even better. The environment suffers its irremediable fate due to alarming climate change and the often wicked and inadequate policies of governments on the environmental issue. As WWF Italy explains in a recent note: “If we continue to burn fossil fuels, destroy forests, eat unsustainably, we will destroy our future”. And not just ours. It is an alarm that concerns those who govern, of course, and are able to make decisions for us, but this is an alarm that must also reach the individual consciences of every human inhabitant of the Earth.

A company operating in the world to guarantee it an ethical contribution

Every day that passes, for the world scientific community, is a wasted day if nothing has been done to counter this problem and to seek adequate solutions. In return, for some industries, companies and for some governments, things are not so urgent and do not need due attention. As if all of this didn’t concern everyone’s life, including theirs, the general sustenance of the world’s well-being

chicco legume in mano

The new LUZI Farro Pasta, from the ancient species Triticum dicoccum

We at Luzi believe that the problem exists and that due to its gravity it must be contained without waiting an extra day. We were born with a very specific idea: to create a company operating in the world to guarantee it an ethical contribution, not just economic and commercial. This is why we produce foods designed for healthy and correct human nutrition and we do so using biodynamic and sustainable methods in favor of the environment. From dynamic agriculture, able to reactivate the DNA of the plant in a natural way, to milling with a solar system, from artisan pasta making to sustainable packaging: everything, here with us, from today, imposes the right to a healthy life and healthiness in the world.

100% recyclable material in the paper sector thanks to the brand new NOW patent

The product that marks the beginning of this new and welcome èra LUZI is the Semi wholemeal Spelled Pasta, a simple, healthy, and proven food specialty for every palate. In seven tasty and versatile formats, the new LUZI Farro Pasta, from the ancient Triticum dicoccum species, is produced with bronze drawing and slow drying and packaged in 100% recyclable material in the paper sector thanks to the brand new NOW patent.

Our spelled is obtained from Italian crops and processed without the aid of chemical means in respect of the environment. It is a natural product. Without compromises.

“Nutriamo ad Arte“

Its packaging is not only virtuous, but also careful to guide the consumer towards scrupulous information on the product, through the QR Code, and on the most correct diet to follow, thanks to the useful advice presented in Italian and English, to the new combinations. to create ever tastier and healthier recipes. The front of the package further embellishes the concept of our claim “We feed as art”, presenting you with a very sweet tale that tells of a very special journey undertaken by our spelled grain.

One fine day a young spelled grain decided to embark on a journey. It first left for the past, where he recognized the fields spread over the hills of the Marche from which he had been raised. It heard the same call of the sea. It got excited. Suddenly it saw the peasants lovingly caressing the ears of his ancestors. It was moved. Back home, in the present, it returned the caresses to his peasant fathers thanks to the fresh spring wind. It fell asleep. But soon another cloud appeared that carried it away in the future. There it saw that the solar-powered mill was the same one with which the millers produced his flours, rich in every nutrient, which became wonderful shapes of the highest artisan quality. It was heartened After that trip, the grain understood that Luzi’s past, present and future were the same links linked together by love for tradition, respect for nature and passion for innovation. And so it rejoiced.