Ciambella integrale di Farro e Mais al Limone

This is one of those recipes that should never be missing in any self-respecting kitchen notebook. It is the Spelt Wheat and Corn Flour Doughnut t with lemon. Soft, fragrant, versatile, suitable for summers and winters, elegant dinners, and quick snacks. The common denominator will remain the goodness granted to the well-being that the stone-ground cereals from the LUZI mill guarantee and with which we will create our small, daily, culinary work of art. A work that, tasted, takes us back to Sicily, to the land of citrus fruits and acrid perfumes mixed with the sea.

We have never treasured it: we much prefer the simple genuineness of our tradition to refined and overly elaborate gastronomic creations. We have reserved our family’s recipes for all our best friends, you who are part of it. Of our grandmothers. Of the mothers to whom we owe not only our life but also our fulfillment. They are the ones who have guaranteed us health and good education, respect for others and for the environment. To them, we owe our training, our courage, our simplicity.

Healthy Doughnut

We dedicate this wholemeal spelled wheat and corn doughnut with lemon, therefore, to all the mothers who follow us and who love to feed those they love in the best way, choosing healthy foods, of vegetable, organic and biodynamic origin, preferring foods produced with eco-sustainable systems for the environment and for man.

Wholemeal Organic Maize Flour


Stone ground wholemeal flour

Wholemeal Spelt Flour

Stone-ground whole wheat flour

Here is what you need to prepare this small, large, work of art from our best family tradition:

  • 4 eggs
  • 2 untreated lemons
  • 120 grams of wholemeal spelled flour LZ
  • 120 grams of wholemeal corn flour LZ
  • 250 grams of whole cane sugar
  • 80 gr of sunflower seed oil
  • 1 vanilla yeast for cakes


The procedure is very simple. Separate the yolks from the whites and set aside. Beat the egg whites and in a separate saucepan beat the egg yolks with the brown sugar. Squeeze the two untreated lemons and add the juice to the freshly beaten egg yolks with the sugar. Add the oil to this mixture and continue whisking until you reach a frothy and soft cream. Slowly combine the flours and yeast, being careful not to create lumps and finally add the egg whites, mixing from top to bottom so as not to dismantle the mixture. Bake at 160 ° C for about an hour. The result is surprising.

And good appetite!

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Corn is a cereal rich in starch and with a low glycemic index. Its aroma is marked, intense and unmistakable.

Why make corn flour Doughnut?

LUZI organic wholemeal corn flour, naturally gluten-free, comes from the great history of the Italian culinary tradition and is an ideal ingredient, not only for the preparation of the typical polenta but also for many other recipes, docile and salty, such as ours Spelled and corn donut with lemon. Its integrity, given by the particular stone grinding process, guarantees a balanced supply of fibers and micronutrients. It is obtained from the stone grinding of corn from Italian organic farming, ours.

Spelled is a natural source of vitamins and mineral salts and its consumption ensures a balanced supply of proteins and fibers.

Whole spelled flour LUZI is the flagship product of all our artisanal productions. Spelled, of the ancient Triticum dicoccum species, is grown mainly in the hills and mountains of the Marche region by the family farm and in collaboration with farmers to whom it entrusts the seed. The transformation into flour takes place in compliance with a rigorous and careful production process, in accordance with the directives of the regulations that regulate organic production along the entire supply chain to ensure traceability and traceability of the food.