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Spelt Wheat, belonging to the most ancient species, also called triticum dicoccum, and organically cultivated by Luzi in Italy, according to some recent research, prevents the risk of celiac disease and other serious diseases. As scientifically demonstrated, in fact, spelled, together with ancient grains, contains gluten proteins with fewer “toxic epitopes”, that is “the amino acid sequences recognized by the lymphocytes of people with celiac disease”.

In the last fifty years, there has been an exponential increase in this serious allergy, which considers wheat a bitter enemy capable of causing real intoxication against our body, up to edema and the worst risk that can be run in taking it , or cardiac arrest. It is true that a lot has changed in our food system from fifty years to today, the multinational producers, and the processes of globalization in general, for example, have benefited “wild” crops. The use of herbicides and other chemical fertilizers, not yet fully regulated by the European Union itself, is one of the minor effects that celiac disease certainly causes.

It lowers or completely cancels the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines

Spelled, on the other hand, like any ancient wheat, contributes to the prevention of this important allergy and other very serious diseases, helping the production of wheat, which lowers or completely cancels the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines. Flours obtained from spelled are very rich in phytochemicals, such as the so-called polyphenols, indispensable allies against tumors, inflammation, deficiencies of the immune system, cardiovascular diseases, as well as having beneficial antioxidant and antiviral effects.

It has been shown that spelled, of which Luzi is a leader in organic cultivation and in the production of wholemeal flours and pasta derived from it, is excellent in preventing and treating cardiometabolic diseases and all oxidative states. Taking care of yourself primarily means eating the right and healthiest way. And live longer, and better, thanks to the properties of ancient grains. We at Luzi love loving you every day with our organically derived products.

We embrace scientific research and, with it, our spelled ears that tickle our face a little but give us so much better and above all well-being. And we are both the best experts.