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Did you know that eating spelt wheat can protect the well-being of your skin even from damage caused by the sun? Whole spelled is very rich in phytochemicals, the so-called polyphenols, excellent allies in the prevention of serious diseases, allergies and deficiencies of the immune system. And not only. In fact, polyphenols have a high antioxidant function and protect the cells of our body from damage caused by free radicals, which normally develop with cellular aging due to external events such as emotional or physical stress, chemical additives, UV rays. , smoking, viral and bacterial attacks, all types of radiation, and so on.

Polyphenols, excellent allies for subverting the advancement of free radicals

Experts bombard us every day, through the most disparate means of communication and with good reason, with useful advice, providing us with precise indications on what to eat to best protect our skin from continuous and often subtle attacks from the outside world. First of all, – they explain us well – it is nutrition that helps our body to defend itself from everything that threatens its health. Among the most important and well-known foods for the prevention of UV rays, in summer, there are undoubtedly vegetable ones, such as carrots and radicchio. Carotenoids (such as beta-carotene, lycopene, zeaxanthin, and lutein) are in fact the most widely used systemic photoprotective agents. But to these are added the indispensable polyphenols, excellent allies for subverting the advancement of free radicals and of which spelled is very rich.

farro che scorre tra le mani su un mucchio

Generally, it is advisable to use in the daily diet the mix of antioxidants present in different foods that work in synergy so that their action is more active and even more effective. As if to say, according to the good rule handed down by the Gestalt School, the total is always more than the sum of the individual elements. And union does much more than strength, even in this, helping us to preserve our skin from sunburn, aging, and other more serious diseases.

Adequate food preparation worthy of you and your well-being.

Eating healthy is an essential imperative, especially in the hottest season, when summer, heat, and sun put a strain on our physical and psychological resistance. Whether by the sea or in the mountains or in some city oasis, remember to protect yourself with adequate food preparation worthy of you and your well-being.

The blue light!

Learn to protect your skin, even if you work and are in the office. Did you know that blue light, which you are exposed to through new technologies, or the more common neon light in offices, puts your skin under a stress comparable to that of the sun in midsummer? This kind of light penetrates deep into the dermis and cause the reckless development of free radicals, the best friends of sunspots, skin aging and other skin diseases.

Take care of yourself. And who you love. Entrust your diet and that of your children to healthy foods, coming from virtuous and sustainable production methods, controlled and traceable, even better if often of vegetable origin. Make your life a reflection of your good health. Eat wholemeal pasta, preferably from ancient grains, not contaminated in DNA and not usurped by the original gene. Nourished with legumes, stone-ground, and full-body flours. Eat whole grains. Spelled with its very high antioxidant power. And not only.

Spelled, again thanks to the very precious polyphenols, promotes a deterrent action against some of the most invasive cancers, effectively protecting the cells of our body. Its antiatherogenic action and strong anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral power are also well known.

Spelled is all this and much more: a true opulent soldier in defense of our health!

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