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SPELT WHEAT IN PREGNANCY: the right nutrition for you and him

man and woman with the ultrasound scan of the baby in their hands

Eating well with spelt wheat. Especially pregnant. It makes you feel better, who need the richest energy and all natural nutrients, and it’s good for him (or her), who needs you, your well-being and the best elements to be able to grow in a strong and healthy way . Nothing more obvious. A healthy and balanced diet is a must when the female body needs the utmost attention and care; and taking care of yourself, thanks to a healthy nutrition that also includes spelled in pregnancy, means first of all taking care of the greatest love you know: your child. But sometimes the most obvious things are those hidden from the eye. Food is an indispensable thing to live, you know. What is often forgotten is that a certain type of food is essential to live long and well. From the oldest to the most recent scientific investigations, the influence of food on the individual’s health has been well understood. The better you eat, the better you are then.

Spelled is not just a cereal, but one of the oldest cereals in existence and cultivated by man on Earth.

All of our well-being seems to start from a positive association of factors, including a healthy lifestyle and food that is recognizable as good and healthy. Spelled is a cereal. Taking spelled during pregnancy, preferably whole grain, is the best way to add natural fibers to your daily diet and solve annoying intestinal obstruction problems without medicines or substitutes, which is very common in pregnancy, especially in its last months. Spelled is not just cereal, but one of the oldest cereals in existence and cultivated by a man on Earth. Its origins are Persian and date back to about 5000 years ago, but the Roman legionaries greatly appreciated its qualities and appropriated it for very long periods until the completion of the Empire. Its high satiating value, its naturalness, organoleptic properties, and intense flavor are qualities that make this special ingredient real support for the entire gestational period. And beyond.

man and woman with the ultrasound scan of the baby in their hands

But why prefer spelled wheat in pregnancy to wheat?

Eat spelled when pregnant. Always choose cereals from sustainable agriculture that respect the environment and the natural life process of plants and the land that hosts them. It is the best way to be convinced that what you eat is what strengthens you and does not harm you. But why prefer spelled wheat in pregnancy to wheat? Spelled contains much more protein than wheat and is more easily digestible. But it also contains Thiamine, Niacin, Riboflavin, Magnesium, B vitamins, complex carbohydrates, and too much more to be able to give up. Thiamine (or Vitamin B1), in particular, is essential in the growth phase of children, stimulating brain production and mental attitude. This load of nutrients is essential for the correct eating habits that every pregnant or puerpera woman should have for her well-being and that of him (or her). Try wholemeal or semi-wholemeal spelled pasta, fresh salads with pearls or autumn soups combined with mushrooms and seasonal vegetables. At breakfast do not let your tummy miss our puffed cereals from organic and bio-sustainable agriculture. Do not forget the Luzi wholemeal spelled flour, suitable for delicious sweet or savory recipes and rigorously stone ground with a renewable solar energy system. To guarantee him (or guarantee) the future he deserves.

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