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Eat dietry fibers regularly – this is the way to help our body defend itself against the threats of disease. According to the latest study conducted by the University of Otago in New Zealand and published in the specialist journal “Lancet”, healthy nutrition, which involves the daily consumption of vegetable fibers, is associated with a lower risk of contracting diseases such as cancer, heart attack, stroke and diabetes.

The study covered reports on 135 million people, with 58 clinical trials and over 4,500 participating adults. Professor Andrew Reynolds, head of the study, found that every 8 grams of fiber consumed per day reduce mortality and the incidence of diseases, such as diabetes 2, or cancers associated with obesity and heart attack. According to this survey, consuming fiber also means protecting yourself more from stroke and breast cancer. To amplify the beneficial effects of the fibers contained in whole foods, derived from cereals and legumes, like all Luzi brand products, it is necessary to consume at least 25-29 grams of dietry fiber per day. The authors of the research point out that the fibers that guarantee this protection are those found naturally in whole grains, legumes, vegetables, and fruit. Woe to replace them with over-the-counter supplements, mind you!

Stone grinding of cereals and legumes from Italian organic and biodynamic agriculture

A long and healthy life is what we deserve, because we are naturally good and every food we produce is a defense to your health, an enemy of disease, a precious ally of your well-being.

All our wholemeal flours, for example, derive from stone grinding processes of cereals and legumes from Italian organic and biodynamic agriculture. LUZI flours are true wholemeal, ie obtained by full-body grinding. As they are rich in every original nutrient, they make it possible to obtain foods enriched with fibers, minerals and antioxidants with more balanced nutritional values ​​and with a clearly distinguishable aroma and taste.

Irregular grain size and a higher presence of bran

LUZI flours, with their irregular granulometric characteristics and a higher presence of bran, are highly digestible and have an authentic and unmistakable flavor.

For those who still don’t know: we choose the best nutrition for our vegetation, for our spelled, the other cereals and for all the legumes of the LUZI controlled supply chain: only natural and organic fertilizers able to awaken the dormant DNA of each plant. In addition, we put all the love we have into it. To nourish you and nourish those you love with respect for your health. Do it yourself, by eating healthy, by eating vegetable fibers regularly.