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Legumes are good for you. Very well. How many times have we heard this from an early age? And how many times have we snubbed the advice of our grandmothers and mothers in favor of less healthy foods? Yet today specialists and researchers remind us of the portentous properties that give legumes not only a unique flavor but above all incredible capabilities: low fat, high fiber content, phosphorus, iron, potassium, calcium, mineral salts, B vitamins, folic acid (particularly suitable for pregnant women and for the little ones) and vegetable proteins.

These seeds enclosed in their pods have truly miraculous nutritional functions, reducing the level of cholesterol and stabilizing the metabolism. Frequent consumption of legumes also helps to control blood sugar and prevent colon cancer, constipation, anemia, and lipid abnormalities in the blood.

Healthy food produced in an eco-sustainable way.

As Slow Food suggests, the NGO that works to promote healthy foods and produced in an eco-sustainable way, legumes also help our fields to grow stronger in the conduct of ecological farming methods. Their development does not require large quantities of energy and water, favoring a truly precious resource for our planet. Their cultivation guarantees greater fertility to the land, thanks to the nitrogen that is released from these ancient foods.

In this way, legumes are good for our internal organism and the external one that hosts us and which could receive more attention also thanks to these methods of agriculture dedicated to legumes. LUZI knows this reality very well and supports it every day through the daily activities of our farmers engaged in the organic and sustainable cultivation of legumes on the hills of Central Italy.

Solo Legumi - Senza Grano

It will then be those legumes, delicious and portentous, to give our artisan pasta the taste that such a miraculous food deserves. In fact, at LUZI, we are leaders in the production of legume-based pasta. Our “SOLOLEGUMI” range includes a variety of pasta shapes with wholemeal chickpea, broad beans, and pea flour. Or the “SENZAGRANO” pasta, another LUZI-branded specialty with an unmistakable flavor thanks to the presence of chickpea, millet, and flax flour. Finally, we cannot leave out our “FARRO & FAVE” pasta, consisting of 66% wholemeal spelled and bean curd, a precious alternative to the usual diet based on wheat of uncertain origin.

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