In the processing of our organic grains and pulses we exclude refining production methods and the use of preservatives and synthesized substances; this to enhance the real function of food as a source of good nutrients for the body, for the soul and for nature.

We have created a catalogue of products essential for daily well-being, a complete line available under the Luzi brand or private label, in different packaging solutions.


Produced by pasta manufacturers that traditionally process our stone-ground flours the artisanal way; Luzi pasta is whole-wheat, rough-drawn, and slowly dried to maintain the original organoleptic properties of farro and organic pulses.


Whole, flaked or puffed grains to enjoy in every shape, for every meal of the day, for all tastes. We offer pearled, flaked and puffed farro, pearl barley, flaked oats and puffed barley.


The organic farro, pulses and grains we grow, selected, cleaned, and ground in our stone mill located in San Lorenzo in Campo. Our range includes: farro T. dicoccum flour, soft wheat flour, barley flour, rye flour, chickpeas flour, corn flour and broad bean flour.


Our production is available in many packaging solutions, Luzi brand or private label; we are equipped for labelling and packaging in modified atmosphere, natural or vacuum packaging, in retail or catering size.