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It is now a scientific fact: introducing healthy foods into your daily diet, preferably of plant origin, from controlled agriculture and rich in all active nutrients helps to increase life expectancy. This is explained to us by the World Health Organization which periodically emphasizes the importance of nutrition in the prevention of the most serious and important diseases.

According to the report, an unhealthy diet, low in whole grains, fruit, and vegetables, contributes to the development of serious diseases in the body, such as diabetes, chronic cardiovascular diseases, or cancers. Banned – the WHO warns us – stuffed meats, too many sugars, and saturated fats. It is no coincidence that in these days Istat is publishing the new report on longevity, noting in fact that the Italian people hold pole position, together with the French, with its 14,456 over one hundred years old. The explanation, according to Coldiretti, is given by our attachment to healthy habits and gastronomic traditions. We prefer simple, seasonal ingredients, often from our own backyard. The Mediterranean diet remains the staple for us Italians, even for those who live in the rest of the world. The healthy foods for a nutrition-guide, based on vegetables, whole grains, pasta, extra virgin olive oil, and fruit, cannot derive from intensive and industrial production processes, and, paying a little attention to the labels, it is easy to see the real healthiness of the product.

The consumer has understood the importance of the short supply chain

For some time now, the consumer has understood the importance of the short supply chain, to the benefit of the environment and health for humans. Perhaps many do not know that 54% of Italians devote greater attention to shopping, 53% of compatriots read labels carefully and on the basis of those they regulate the purchase and 54% favor the healthy and sustainable aspect of food. These numbers are not just figures from statistics, but real data that make us understand that the wind is blowing in favor of conscious nutrition and a correct lifestyle. Link with the territory, craftsmanship, innovation in biodynamic and bio-sustainable cultivation methods, stone milling system for whole grains and whole legumes and eco-friendly packaging: these are the characteristics that make a healthy food also made in Italy excellence.

farro che scorre tra le mani su un mucchio

True integral means general well-being of the person

We live in the age of health, where true integral means general well-being of the person, where to feel good it is necessary to integrate a diet rich in vegetable fibers and original nutrients with a lifestyle dedicated to movement and which excludes smoking and minimizes the ‘alcohol. The integral is increasingly liked by more than half of Italians. Even for well-known starred chefs, the choice of ingredients is increasingly aimed at the natural world, wholemeal, and coming from the short supply chain. The fibers, of which every variety of Luzi pasta and other products are very rich, allow the sugars to be absorbed in less quantity. The energy thus becomes slow-releasing. Thanks to stone grinding, the flour is rich in every original element of the grain, from the outermost part up to the germ, which contains minerals and vitamins.

If you are looking for the elixir of life, you just need to create a mix of fundamental factors, such as healthy nutrition, exercise, and a correct lifestyle. These play a crucial role in the time we have available.

For us at Luzi, using it in the best way, thanks to healthy nutrition, means having understood the importance of this wonderful gift called life.

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