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Today we really wanted to offer you #joyfood! It will be this September air that revolves around us, or the smell of the sea that reaches our green hills, grown organically, that will make us even happier and eager to give you a lot of well-being with our JOYFOOD BOX by LUZI!

Our participation in the next Sana, the international exhibition of organic and natural products, to be held in Bologna from 7 to 10 September, has made this occasion even richer and more advantageous.

The offer, in fact, is not to be missed: the JOYFOOD BOX by LUZI for only 30 euros!

The JOYFOODBOX contains:

  • 6 confezioni di Penne integrali di Farro biologico
  • 5 confezioni di Fusilli integrali di Farro biologico
  • 5 confezioni di Spaghetti integrali di Farro biologico
  • 2 confezioni di Boccolotti integrali di Farro biologico


Un JOYFOODBOX contains:
  • 6 packs of Penne integrali di Farro biologico
  • 5 packs of Fusilli integrali di Farro biologico
  • 5 packs of Spaghetti integrali di Farro biologico
  • 2 packs of Boccolotti integrali di Farro biologico

Porta a casa il benessere e vivi con gioia.


Its cost, exceptionally reserved for this promotional sale, is 30 euros including VAT, plus a small contribution of shipping costs, equal to 5 euros.

Take advantage of it: If you decide to buy the second JOYFOOD BOX by LUZI, the shipping costs are completely at our expense!

Our wholemeal organic spelled specialties are stone-ground, that is, full-body, and hand-made pasta. Their unmistakable flavor and the roughness of the formats adapt to any type of recipe, from the simplest to the most creative.

The grinding, which uses only renewable energy plants, allows the complete transfer of the germinal, starchy and fibrous part of the spelled grain into the flours, guaranteeing the production of real whole flours, very rich in nutrients, such as the so-called polyphenols, excellent allies in the prevention of severe diseases, allergies and deficiencies of the immune system.

The LUZI organic spelled specialty has excellent antioxidant and antiviral benefits. It is packaged in a box to keep the flavor and freshness intact. The drawing is in bronze and the drying is very slow and at low temperatures.

The JOYFOOD BOX by LUZI contains LUZI Organic Whole Spelled Specialties, very rich in fiber, protein and iron and low in fat, sugar, salt, particularly suitable for athletes and for those who are subjected to low-calorie diets.

Order two JOYFOOD BOX by LUZI now and bring a lot of good humor to the table!