chicco legume in mano


Because? Because there is a very important event, not to be missed, and which will finally see us as protagonists in the Gustibus broadcast of LA7, hosted by Roberta De Matthaeis. A truly special container, full of curiosities and lots of information on good Italian cuisine and the method of finding the best ingredients, with particular attention to those virtuous realities that, like LUZI, have been able to combine taste with well-being and love and respect for the environment.

The 3 Pillars

These three pillars multiply our passion for the work we do every day, obtaining functional products that are always in line with the needs of a scrupulous consumer who is attentive to his daily diet, as we will explain during our interview for Gustibus that will be broadcast Sunday 21 October at 10.45 am. Sportsmen, women, children, Gluten-sensitive and anyone who adopts a healthy lifestyle and devoted to its lengthening are our first thought and the most important driving force of each of our production methods, from organic and biodynamic cultivation to the production of flour with a milling system renewable energy stone up to the production of pasta and ready meals naturally enriched with active nutrients for our well-being and packaging, which takes place for most foods, where possible, in a protective atmosphere.

So many things still to know about us and our way of working. Following us on Sunday on La7 inside Gustibus can certainly make you discover new and wonderful things about our production reality. Perhaps it was a bit of emotion that betrayed us, we do not deny it. The cameras still affect us, to us who are not actors. And speaking so openly about our values, and knowing that we can transmit them to so many people through such a special container as Gustibus by La7, makes us proud of our work. It makes us proud to do what we do for the well-being of our consumers, for the environment that belongs to everyone, and for the pleasures of life.

Eating is still one of them. And we try to make you do it best.

At 10.45 remote controls pointed on the screen to the La7 channel to follow us and follow Gustibus. We are waiting for you!

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