pianta che cresce da mezzaluna di vetro


The Sinagri Network is a network of agricultural entrepreneurs operating in over 1500 hectares of land in Central Italy. At the head of this wonderful chain, made up of 150 organic farming companies, there is the LUZI family farm which is committed every day to entrust them with the best seeds, controlling their cultivation, natural fertilization methods and ensuring their withdrawal. of the productions. But his work doesn’t stop there.

As many of you know, we have many years of experience in cultivating land with sustainable methods and with low environmental impact and this Network of organic farmers represents a virtuous synergy for the benefit of our well-being and health of the environment through the return to methods ancient of organic cultivation, today mostly forgotten.

Value or historical, cultural, civic.

The value of this meticulous work is not only of an economic nature, given the obvious advantages underlying its market, but also and above all historical, cultural, and civic. This is why we adopt and let our farmers use so-called homodynamic and biodynamic cultivation methods, primarily in compliance with biological cycles and biodiversity.

Our lands are protected

With these natural applications, our soils are protected from important plant diseases, effectively containing and without the use of herbicides or chemical fertilizers the growth of weeds and the removal of “parasitic” animals. And thanks to the most innovative cultivation procedures, LUZI increases the fertility of its soils every year, recovering damage from late frosts and supporting the plants in case of need.

At the service of nature

In this way, we put nature at the service of nature, as we have loved to support for generations, without upsetting its most important life processes. And we do it with the same passion and the same love that accompany the long years of work that have seen the growth of the best spelled and legume productions in Italy. From them, we obtain flours, pasta, cereals, couscous, and ready meals recognized and appreciated by our most attentive and important critics: you.