Spelt Wheat, belonging to the most ancient species, also called triticum dicoccum, and organically cultivated by Luzi in Italy, according to some recent research, prevents the risk of celiac disease and other serious diseases. As scientifically demonstrated, in fact, spelled, together with ancient grains, contains gluten proteins with fewer “toxic epitopes”, that is “the amino acid sequences recognized by the lymphocytes of people with celiac disease”.

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farro che scorre tra le mani su un mucchio


Those who love us and follow us know: Luzi is a leader in the cultivation of spelled wheat triticum dicoccum and in the production of wholegrain and health foods derived from it. We know by now how much ancient cereals represent the basis of a healthy and correct diet for obtaining the maximum benefits for both body and mind. We cultivate ancient spelled with organic and environmentally sustainable methods and produce truly wholemeal foods obtained by stone and full-body grinding of each grain.

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Artisan Pasta made with wholemeal Farro


Spelt Wheat. Why has it become special, almost indispensable, for the consumer? You asked the blogger Günther Karl Fuchs of the very popular Papille Vagabonde who dedicates an entire discussion of its specialties to spell. It now dominates the shelves of the best supermarkets with flours, pearls, pasta, and ready meals. And this is because, according to the blogger, there is a true return to history, a desire to experience some phases of antiquity to trace the true, authentic taste of food.

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Eat dietry fibers regularly – this is the way to help our body defend itself against the threats of disease. According to the latest study conducted by the University of Otago in New Zealand and published in the specialist journal “Lancet”, healthy nutrition, which involves the daily consumption of vegetable fibers, is associated with a lower risk of contracting diseases such as cancer, heart attack, stroke and diabetes.

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man keeping between his hand a bunch of cereals


Spelt Wheat Pasta is a precious, encouraging, and valid alternative to pasta prepared with the most classic of cereals: durum wheat. Scholars, researchers, and consumers all agree: spelled pasta represents the new dietary habit of Italians.

We asked a sample of our loyal consumers and they answered in a simple and direct way. In five points, like this:

  1. Spelled is more digestible.

  2. I feel fuller.

  3. Fiber helps my bowel.

  4. I feel lighter.

  5. I love the way it tastes.

We give a further explanation of each of your five good reasons for choosing spelled pasta.

  1. Spelled, especially the ancient Triticum dicoccum, contains an original genome, never modified, unlike wheat, and this makes it much more digestible, even though it contains gluten.
  2. Its natural wholeness allows to obtain a food rich in fiber, suitable for every palate, therefore more versatile in the kitchen.
  3. Its flavor is intense, but it almost betrays a resemblance to the classic wheat pasta, so it does not differ too much from the eating habits imparted since childhood.
  4. Spelled pasta contains a low glycemic index and nutritional elements considered beneficial for the body. Its consumption guarantees a balanced supply of proteins and fibers and a low intake of fats and calories.
  5. Spelled is also very rich in vitamins (vitamin A, thiamin B1, riboflavin B2, and niacin B3) and mineral salts, such as iron, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium.

Semi wholemeal specialty

This is why we have decided to create a new Semi-wholemeal Specialty, even more appetizing, with 100% recyclable packaging. Bronze drawing, craftsmanship, and slow drying. What else? Our mark of authenticity and naturalness.

Discover all seven tasty formats in the best trusted super and hypermarkets. We are waiting for you.



Not just healthy and functional. The SOLOLEGUMI pasta from the organic legumes of the Luzi agricultural supply chain is rich in flavor and adapts perfectly to all the recipes of our best Mediterranean tradition. Artisan specialty, bronze drawn, rich in proteins, 24 g per 100 g, and with high fiber content, equal to 9.6 g per 100 g of product, is produced with wholemeal chickpea, broad bean and pea flour, ground stone, and full body.

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High cholesterol? And you really can’t do without the tastiest foods of a fast, high-fat diet? Fried, red meats, worse if grilled, sausages, eggs, cheeses and bread products can only worsen the condition of your health. If your blood tests have shown cholesterol levels that are too high, try to think that the food you ingest every day is your first, and often most important, panacea and, just as it caused the disease, if it becomes healthy, it can contribute. to his care.

Eliminate LDL cholesterol or the ``bad cholesterol``

But how to do it? Learn to love yourself and to inform yourself about what you use to nourish yourself and to nourish those you love, especially in reference to those foods that can help change this obstacle for the well-being of your body, and more. A problem, of high cholesterol, which in the long run can easily cause more important and chronic diseases, such as diabetes or other serious cardiovascular diseases. Did you know, for example, that LDL cholesterol, or “bad cholesterol”, can be eliminated simply by introducing some delicious foods, such as spelled and legumes, into the daily d

chicco legume in mano

Luzi healthy food

Therefore, hypercholesterolemia can be defeated. It’s a fact. And once and for all. Only thanks to you. And thanks to the help that scrupulous and careful nutrition can give you. Wholemeal or semi-wholemeal spelled, which the LUZI company uses to produce the widest range of its healthy lines, is grown in Central Italy with a biodynamic and bio-sustainable method and belongs to the most important and ancient species of cereal, the Triticum dicoccum. In fact, including whole foods in one’s nutrition means helping to reduce bad cholesterol levels, thanks to the numerous fibers present. The rich and unmistakable flavor of wholemeal spelled flour convinces even more to undertake this path of well-being and health. Or the SOLOLEGUMI Pasta, made with wholemeal chickpeas, broad beans, and peas flours from Italian organic farming, rigorously stone ground and bronze drawn. An explosion of flavor and vegetable proteins, essential allies in fighting excess cholesterol.

Eat healthy, whole, and organic

We must never give up the right and the taste of good things, especially if they belong to our best tradition. It is for this reason, since the beginning of our adventure, that we have thought of creating precious ingredients for health and designed for every palate. From puffs and flakes for breakfast and for the most varied snacks to pearls and pasta, together with ready-made spelled salads and Cous Cous, for lunches and the best dinners up to wholemeal flour, stone-ground, raw materials essential raw materials for the creation of healthy and tasty recipes, we at LUZI – as it will be understood – love to dedicate our time to your well-being, to your precious health. Learn to love yourself by nourishing yourself and those you love in the best way: eat healthy, whole, and organic. Eat LUZI!

genitori e figlio al mare


Did you know that eating spelt wheat can protect the well-being of your skin even from damage caused by the sun? Whole spelled is very rich in phytochemicals, the so-called polyphenols, excellent allies in the prevention of serious diseases, allergies and deficiencies of the immune system. And not only. In fact, polyphenols have a high antioxidant function and protect the cells of our body from damage caused by free radicals, which normally develop with cellular aging due to external events such as emotional or physical stress, chemical additives, UV rays. , smoking, viral and bacterial attacks, all types of radiation, and so on.

Polyphenols, excellent allies for subverting the advancement of free radicals

Experts bombard us every day, through the most disparate means of communication and with good reason, with useful advice, providing us with precise indications on what to eat to best protect our skin from continuous and often subtle attacks from the outside world. First of all, – they explain us well – it is nutrition that helps our body to defend itself from everything that threatens its health. Among the most important and well-known foods for the prevention of UV rays, in summer, there are undoubtedly vegetable ones, such as carrots and radicchio. Carotenoids (such as beta-carotene, lycopene, zeaxanthin, and lutein) are in fact the most widely used systemic photoprotective agents. But to these are added the indispensable polyphenols, excellent allies for subverting the advancement of free radicals and of which spelled is very rich.

farro che scorre tra le mani su un mucchio

Generally, it is advisable to use in the daily diet the mix of antioxidants present in different foods that work in synergy so that their action is more active and even more effective. As if to say, according to the good rule handed down by the Gestalt School, the total is always more than the sum of the individual elements. And union does much more than strength, even in this, helping us to preserve our skin from sunburn, aging, and other more serious diseases.

Adequate food preparation worthy of you and your well-being.

Eating healthy is an essential imperative, especially in the hottest season, when summer, heat, and sun put a strain on our physical and psychological resistance. Whether by the sea or in the mountains or in some city oasis, remember to protect yourself with adequate food preparation worthy of you and your well-being.

The blue light!

Learn to protect your skin, even if you work and are in the office. Did you know that blue light, which you are exposed to through new technologies, or the more common neon light in offices, puts your skin under a stress comparable to that of the sun in midsummer? This kind of light penetrates deep into the dermis and cause the reckless development of free radicals, the best friends of sunspots, skin aging and other skin diseases.

Take care of yourself. And who you love. Entrust your diet and that of your children to healthy foods, coming from virtuous and sustainable production methods, controlled and traceable, even better if often of vegetable origin. Make your life a reflection of your good health. Eat wholemeal pasta, preferably from ancient grains, not contaminated in DNA and not usurped by the original gene. Nourished with legumes, stone-ground, and full-body flours. Eat whole grains. Spelled with its very high antioxidant power. And not only.

Spelled, again thanks to the very precious polyphenols, promotes a deterrent action against some of the most invasive cancers, effectively protecting the cells of our body. Its antiatherogenic action and strong anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral power are also well known.

Spelled is all this and much more: a true opulent soldier in defense of our health!