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Today, Thursday 23 November, a unique cultural journey begins with the exhibition “The Pirandello Case” in Rome at the Theater of Villa Torlonia and the Luigi Pirandello House Museum, home to the Pirandellian Studies Institute. It is to him, the third Italian winner of the Nobel Prize, that LUZI dedicates, through its support to the event, also a campaign that features the Sicilian Nobel in food, the organic and integral version to celebrate together the 150th anniversary of his birth.

Another very important step forward for our entrepreneurial reality which, with this further and decisive cultural partnership, also demonstrates to the general public its sensitivity towards our greatest heritage: art


The route includes two passages in two different prestigious locations: the first is the House Museum where Luigi Pirandello lived and where his most cherished belongings are still preserved: the slippers next to the bed, the letters, the military uniform, the Nobel Prize, the photos of the his muse, the actress Marta Abba, and the cigarettes in the drawer.

The second passage of the exhibition “The Pirandello Case” takes place inside the Theater of Villa Torlonia, where the impressionist paintings that Pirandello himself painted, the letters of his beloved children and the beloved Marta, the hand-painted covers of his diaries and much more.

Perhaps it will seem useless to repeat it, but supporting this exhibition, alongside the MIBACT (Ministry of Cultural Heritage), has meant a lot, not only for the inestimable value of the exhibition itself and of the author, probably the largest of the twentieth century, to which it is linked, but above all because the memory we will have of all this will be indelible and very powerful.

For all these reasons, we invite you to take part in large numbers, also taking advantage of its free admission, in this event that has the capital as its logistical base but the whole world as its aspiration.

Best regards,

LUZI Staff

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