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farro che scorre tra le mani su un mucchio

Eliminating an important food such as pasta from your diet means reducing the energy needed to fight the fats and fatigue that our body undergoes. Pasta yes, always, even every day, as long as it does not come from refined grains grown with chemical methods. Pasta is an indispensable ingredient, our mothers and grandmothers have taught us. For us Italians, it represents an indispensable must in our pantries. It is always present on our tables, whether they are summer, fresh and carefree or winter, steaming and fragrant. How can we do without it? Natural pasta is good, healthy, cheap, and light. It is a complete food, when combined with protein and vegetable ingredients, and is good for you and the planet.

Experts agree: low-carb diets, which are based on drastically reducing the consumption of carbohydrates, are harmful. After such a diet, the physique, which suddenly loses weight, is tried, stressed, scarcely reactive. Any unbalanced diet puts you at risk of contracting serious diseases because you are more fragile and weak. Half of the energy we take in through food should come from complex carbohydrates, such as pasta or bread. In this regard, the Italian Society of Human Nutrition explains: «Pasta is rich in complex carbohydrates, or starches and fibers, which are those that should be prevalent, compared to simple sugars such as sucrose, fructose, and lactose. Starch is our fuel par excellence and allows us to tackle the different activities of the day: studying, reading, walking, doing housework, or sporting activity. However, pasta alone is not enough to be considered a balanced dish, which must include the combination with an approximately equivalent volume of legumes or fish and double vegetables “.

farro che scorre tra le mani su un mucchio

The Mediterranean Diet

On the occasion of the World Day dedicated to pasta, which is celebrated on 25 October and which unites enthusiasts from all over the world, we wanted to dedicate an article to the importance of this food in our nutrition. The Mediterranean diet considers pasta a fundamental ingredient, without which a correct diet would not make sense. However, it is recommended to consume it whole, not refined.

Wholemeal pasta, whether made from cereals or legumes, is rich in fiber, has a highly satiating power, and contains original nutrients that other kinds of pasta permanently lose during the refining processes.

On this occasion, we will not go into the specificities of the benefits of the spelled pasta produced by LUZI compared to the more classic wheat pasta. We know them well by now. Today we want to celebrate pasta, which has accompanied our life since we were born, together with you, who love yourself, the environment, and the future. The environmental impact of pasta, in fact, in its production and processing cycles, is almost zero. We at LLUZI grind spelled wheat and legumes with a stone milling system that uses only renewable solar energy. Our crops follow the so-called rotations to preserve plant biodiversity and accustom agricultural methods to environmental sustainability. Spelled is an ancient cereal, indeed the oldest. It’s good, it’s very good, and can be considered the functional food par excellence, rich as it is in all nutrients, fibers, minerals, and vitamins. It is much more satiating than any other cereal and contains less harmful gluten, so much so that it is recommended in gluten-sensitive diets. Its aroma is sweet, intense, with a nutty aftertaste. The flavor is strong, original, like that of the best tradition.

Let’s celebrate pasta. We celebrate our origins, the territory that produces it, the skilled hands that make her the perfect ingredient in every recipe.