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Preventing childhood obesity is a moral duty, as well as a real possibility. In Italy 21% of school-age children are overweight and 9% are obese. A child suffering from obesity risks altering the functioning of hormones, suffering from disorders and diseases that until a few decades ago seemed to belong exclusively to the adult world. Sugar levels rise effectively increasing the risk of diabetes. One in ten of them suffer from high blood pressure, while one in three has high levels of triglycerides and bad cholesterol.

Consensus on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of obesity in children and adolescents

This is a worrying and increasingly widespread phenomenon among the very young, not only Italians but also Europeans, Westerners. The cause of this factor is certainly the incorrect eating habit to which we are fond of the nutrition of our children, due to the lack of time to devote to healthy cooking, mistakenly considered more laborious, and for the little information, we receive on the evil that food products that have entered be a powerful part of our breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and dinners. For these alarming reasons on childhood obesity, the Italian Society of Pediatrics has published a document entitled “Consensus on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of obesity in children and adolescents”. Doctors and researchers draw up a good behavior report to be adopted in relation to daily nutrition and lifestyle to be applied every day with regularity and dedication to prevent childhood obesity and overweight.

A low-calorie, low-calorie diet, «based on the principles of the Mediterranean diet

It is advisable, according to experts, given the worrying factor of obesity, that children, after being weaned, follow a low-calorie low-density diet, “based on the principles of the Mediterranean diet, with at least 5 portions of fruit, vegetables, and vegetables, favoring vegetable sources of protein and divided into about 5 daily meals ».

It also reads “Following a diet rich in plant products and a moderate intake of animal proteins and saturated fats is able to promote healthy metabolic patterns and reduce the degree of inflammation of the body”.

The lever that specialists push on the behavior to be adopted in relation to the optimal lifestyle is important. In fact, they recommend that you eat and have meals with your family as much as possible. Fast food, take away do not facilitate the propensity for healthy nutrition. Physical activity must be an essential element in the life of each of us, especially in that of the youngest. In fact, a sedentary lifestyle, also linked to the over-consumption habit of new media, telephony, video games, and computers, weighs heavily on the lifestyle adopted by the obese component of childhood society. Childhood obesity increases, because improper eating habits increase, and the lack of dynamism among the most beneficial.

Diets based on organic and healthy foods

An alarming fact specifies pediatricians, which cannot be overlooked yet. It is essential – they insist – that the ruling and politically active class apply stricter rules to the confectionery industry and to that producing fat-based products and take care of more detailed information on healthy meals and lifestyle habits.

The school must play a decisive role in this, with canteens and diets based on organic and healthy foods, and with regular physical activity for at least sixty minutes a day.

To this very important warning drawn up by the Italian Society of Pediatrics, we add that we at LUZI were born with the idea of ​​spreading as much as possible foods devoted to well-being for adults and children. Foods derived from sustainable, eco-friendly production cycles. Healthy, organic, whole foods. Like they used to be. We know that a healthy, rich and traditional diet can especially benefit organisms in the development and growth phase so that their life is better, longer, and – for what not – wiser.