From the very popular blog “Le Marchese del Gusto” we share an article that talks about our legume specialties.

Therefore, we thank the Marquis for this beautiful review.

We often ask ourselves which pasta is best to buy and every time we have the shopping list in hand, doubt assails us: today, in fact, the problem of grains that are not good for you, excessively refined flours, and genetic modifications has come. even to the ears of the most distracted.
What is missing is often a guide, whether it is a reference shopkeeper who knows what he sells and who offers products with a certain philosophy and certain ethics or simply a friend who knows more and who can recommend good and healthy alternatives. In short, there is no information that penetrates, so that such a fundamental message is not ignored in the midst of advertising flyers.
So today Eleonora and I, visiting our beautiful Marche region, take the place of the councilor and propose an even more different, and even more intriguing alternative because it is not just pasta.

We had already talked about a good and fair cereal, the raw material of a pasta that is good for the palate and the taxman, but today we are thinking of a blend, pass me the term. Yes, because Mr. Luzi gets the apotheosis of taste, the surprising hold, and the balanced flavor from the mix of cereals and legumes.

And so, after hearing about it from Cibio, one of those shops to be taken as a reference point to really love yourself, and after noticing that, compared to the Serra de Conti countryside where we were walking, the Luzi company is only half a mile away. ‘Now…Gianluigi Luzi welcomed us with open arms, despite the short notice and, in no time at all, immersed us in the story of the surrounding lands, on the border between the Province of Ancona and that of Pesaro-Urbino.

I admit it, I experienced a flashback, my going to “find” a product I like suddenly catapulted me back two years, to when I was attending the Master of the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, and my life was surrounded by passionate people, stubborn producers and tasty fruits of nature with a thousand benefits.

And then there, while Gianluigi spoke to us in a calm and conscious way, I watched his eyes that shone, which told the same story in parallel, made of sacrifices, satisfaction, and burning passion. I thought, watching my Eleonora go out very happy with a sampling of Luzi products, that I did just fine to go home and bring here the same enthusiasm and the same desire to discover, although it is more difficult, many people still do not understand me and the effort have not yet paid off.
So, while waiting for a recipe for full legume pasta, I highly recommend that you take a look at the Luzi Food website and immerse yourself in the variety of offers, sometimes with really tantalizing names. My favorites? “Everything and nothing” and “Only Legumes.”