Luzi Food
Speciality Pasta

Stone Ground, Bronze Drawn, Slow drying artisanal methods. The grinding of cereals and legumes takes place today with the stone mill, without the use of chemicals.

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Luzi Food
Organic Cereals

Pearled, flaked and puffed spelled cereals, oats, barley can be used for creative soups and cold salads.

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Luzi Food
Wholemeal Flours

Whole wheat flour of chickpeas, spelled, barley, corn, rye, stone-milled soft wheat

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solo organico

Bio & Organic

We are a  company operating in the selective marketing of organic, wholegrain healthy foods of plant origin.

solo integrale


Full-body, stone- grinding allows you to obtain a truly wholemeal product, rich in fiber, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.

solo vegetale


The LUZI Agricultural Company undertakes every day to entrust their best seeds, controlling their cultivation.


For generations, our family has cultivated cereal and legume soils in Central Italy to produce wholegrain, healthy and functional foods with organic certification and of the highest quality. The attachment to the territory and its traditions, the passion for the flavors, the aromas of the foods of the past, and the desire to share all this with those who appreciate good and healthy food are the principles from which we draw strength and inspiration
A story dedicated to the art of cultivation
“We really love what we do and we have been dragging this great love into our productions for generations”
-Gianluigi Luzi “Un Messaggio di Benvenuti a Casa”