Legumes are good for you. Very well. How many times have we heard this from an early age? And how many times have we snubbed the advice of our grandmothers and mothers in favor of less healthy foods? Yet today specialists and researchers remind us of the portentous properties that give legumes not only a unique flavor but above all incredible capabilities: low fat, high fiber content, phosphorus, iron, potassium, calcium, mineral salts, B vitamins, folic acid (particularly suitable for pregnant women and for the little ones) and vegetable proteins.

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Artisan Pasta made with wholemeal Farro


Artisan Pasta made with wholemeal Farro

We make the best artisan wholemeal pasta based on spelt wheat of the ancient triticum dicoccum species. Not only that, but we also create tasty variations of spelled pasta mixed with legumes and other precious vegetable allies that we cultivate using the best organic and sustainable farming techniques.

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farro che scorre tra le mani su un mucchio


Italian style, craftsmanship, and goodness.

Obtained from Italian spelled of the ancient species Triticum dicoccum, handcrafted with bronze drawing and left to dry slowly, the new Semi-Wholemeal Spelled Specialty of LUZI production is ready to conquer any palate!

It is a 100% natural product, obtained without the use of chemical means and derived from Italian crops controlled directly by the Sinagri Network, of which LUZI is the leader.

The new Semi-Wholemeal Spelled Specialty, presented in seven variants, CASERECCE, MEZZE PENNE, MEZZE MANICHE, SPAGHETTI, TORTIGLIONI, SEDANINI and FUSILLI, is suitable for every type of recipe of our best Mediterranean tradition.

Very good with vegetables or associated with legumes, with fish or meat, LUZI Semi Wholemeal Spelled Pasta is made to enhance every dish with the strong flavor of ancient spelled and the delicacy, guaranteed by the semi-integral.

Wellness and flavor for passion.

Introducing spelled pasta into your diet represents a valid alternative to the consumption of traditional durum wheat pasta, also thanks to its more easily digestible gluten and its highly satiating value.

Spelled pasta contains a low glycemic index and nutritional elements considered beneficial for the body. Its consumption guarantees a balanced supply of proteins and fibers and a low intake of fats and calories. Spelled is also very rich in vitamins (vitamin A, thiamin B1, riboflavin B2, and niacin B3) and in mineral salts, such as iron, phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium.

Il Packaging

Against a burgundy background, LUZI pasta tells the story of a journey undertaken by the spelled grain between past, present, and future, sustainable innovation, and artisan tradition.

The packaging of the brand new Semi Integral Spelled Specialty is designed to meet the needs of an increasingly attentive and refined consumer in his way of food selection, without losing sight of the pluses of the product and the information underlying the naturalness of the food. ‘food.

We guarantee the knowledge on each production step and on the results of the analyzes carried out on each batch of products.

Transparency, for us, means goodness.

For this, we have inserted a QR Code on each package through which the consumer can inspect the product from our website by directly checking the tests carried out in the laboratory.


The LUZI Semi Wholemeal Spelled Specialty is a food intended to accompany the most important meals of Italians, combining its mass market taste with the competitive price with which it is positioned in the market.


Even the material of its packaging is designed to respect the environment, for the future we want, thanks to the innovative NOW patent that allows the compound to be used in the paper sector and to make it totally recyclable.

You will find this goodness soon on the shelf of your trusted hypermarket and supermarket!