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Spelt Wheat is the oldest cereal recognized by the Mediterranean civilization, the least caloric of all, and with a powerful satiating value.

LUZI uses spelt wheat of the ancient species Triticum dicoccum L. for the preparation of its spelt wheat-based products.

The low glycemic index and the high fiber content allow the blood sugars to be released more gradually and, thanks to its precious antioxidants, the so-called isoflavones, in addition to mineral salts, potassium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium and calcium, which is equally rich, including it in a daily diet means taking care of your well-being every day.

Spelled has excellent antioxidant and antiviral benefits and is also an indispensable food in the prevention of serious diseases. Being a natural source of essential vitamins, vitamin A, thiamin B1, riboflavin B2 and niacin B3, its frequent consumption ensures a balanced supply of proteins.

The cereal, coming from organic farming and eco-sustainable processing methods, is grown mostly on the hills and mountains of the Marche region by the family farm and by trusted farmers. Its hulling guarantees the integrity of the food, while the transformation of the spelled takes place in compliance with a rigorous solar renewable energy production process, careful and sustainable for man and the environment, in compliance with the regulations governing organic production.

LUZI branded spelled products represent safe and traced foods from the field to the final consumer.

Luzi Food

Among the LUZI products, in addition to pearl, flaked and puffed cereals, flours, and couscous, there is a wide range of wholemeal specialties of spelled wheat and broad beans, legumes, and nettle, WITHOUT WHEAT and SOLOLEGUMES in various formats. All our products are certified organic and pure quality to ensure you can make dishes based on healthy ingredients and try variety of recipes.